Professional Development

books pro devPRINCIPLE #5: Effective online teachers recognize ongoing professional development is a central component of their success.

“To develop professionally: adopt a beginner’s mindset, stay teachable, seek feedback, teach others, embrace teamwork.”                                  – Dan McCabe ‏

At the heart of professional development is a desire to learn new strategies and the drive to continuously refine and improve existing teaching practices.  Onlcomputer screenine education in particular has been evolving and rapidly changing as research is beginning to illustrate what methods promote successful student learning, and what practices should be implemented to keep the learner engaged in online courses.  In the past year, I have completed a program through the California Online Network of Educators (@ONE) designed to improve both my course design and teaching methods.

 The following coursework was completed in Spring and Summer of 2018:

prof dev_in practice

Development doesn’t stop with the completion of a certificate.  It is a commitment to learn, grow, and apply new teaching practices as the field of online education continues to evolve.

Join me in exploring opportunities to engage:  

Professional Development through @ONE:  This organization offers a variety of free or low-cost professional development opportunities, whether you’re interested in a quick webinar or workshop to improve your online course, or a certificate program designed to take your online course design or teaching practices to the next level.  Webinars, courses, and certificate programs draw from experienced online teachers and designers throughout the state of CA, harnessing the energy, experience, and insights of the largest higher education system in the world.

Faculty Focus: Online Educators:  Faculty Focus offers support to all educators, and you can sign up for their newsletter which highlights current events in higher education, seminars, and innovative and progressive teaching practices.

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